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Annual WorkCover Returns

When you must register

Generally, you must register for WorkCover insurance if you or your company employs any workers in Victoria.

If your company employs you personally, then you are a worker of your own company, and need to register.


You don't need to register if you or your company has no apprentices, and pays, or is liable to pay, less than $7,500 a financial year in remuneration.

Sole traders, partnerships and trusts

You don't need to register if you're a sole trader, an individual in a partnership or an individual trustee of a trust and you don't employ any other people as workers.


You don't need to register if you're a company and you do all the contract work for your company's one and only business client.


If you're not registered for WorkCover insurance when you should be, you may face penalties.

You can also be required to reimburse WorkSafe for any compensation paid to your injured workers

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WorkCover (Victoria)
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